The average Canadian home devotes 60% of its total energy use to space heating. In 2010, mid-efficiency furnaces were phased out in Canada and high-efficiency furnaces became a requirement for each home furnace replacement. In the Edmonton area, it is very important to ensure that you have a reliable and efficient heating system – as you spend most of the year at sub-zero temperatures.

Replacing your existing furnace with a high-efficient (90%plus) furnace should save you between 25% and 30% of your current heating costs. Each high-efficient furnace is equipped with a better heat exchanger, a draft fan and electronic ignition to eliminate the continuous pilot flame. Besides saving energy, a high-efficiency furnace runs much quieter than a mid efficiency furnace and makes your home more comfortable with its ability to maintain a more constant temperature.

Each high-efficient furnace also recovers extra heat from combustion gases by extracting water from these gases using a special corrosion resistant heat exchanger. Combustion gases vent through PVC pipe while the combustion air enters the furnace through another PVC pipe – creating a sealed combustion system. This system is much healthier and safer than the older mid-efficient systems as there is no chance that the combustion gases can enter the house.

Replacing your existing furnace is one of the most important upgrades you can do in your home because of both safety and efficiency. In the northern Alberta climate, high-efficient furnaces usually pay for the extra cost just in operation savings.