Coronavirus (CoVid-19) and Air Purifiers

By March 15, 2020 No Comments

We have received many inquiries in the last couple weeks from customers wanting information on air purifiers and the protection they offer against CoVid-19/Coronavirus.  Our suppliers at Sanuvox, North America’s leader in ducted air purifiers, have provided the following information.

“Sanuvox Corporation, a North American leader in UV disinfection of air surfaces, would like to warn people tempted to purchase air purifiers or other devices against potential claims that would find themselves misleading.

UV air purifiers installed in the hvac system with an adequate germicidal dosage sized for the airflow, will destroy airborne viruses, including the Coronavirus, but cannot guarantee anyone from becoming infected from the virus.

Air purifiers inside HVAC systems cannot disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and light switches, which are common disease transmission path. Given that the Coronavirus can survive up to nine days on a surface, good hygiene practice and frequent wash of hands continue to be the safest way to protect ourselves against any airborne or surface contaminants that can be introduced by other occupants and dispersed by the HVAC system in the house.

In other words, a powerful UVC air purifier can reduce the possibility of spreading the contaminants through the HVAC system, but does not eliminate the necessity of safe hygiene practices.”

Sanuvox Air Purifiers improve outdoor air quality with UV air purification systems designed to purify and destroy biological and chemical contaminants through your home or building.  The Sanuvox system can purify the air in your home against allergens, smells, molds, viruses and bacteria’s.  If you would like to speak with a Vigor Heating technician about if having a Sanuvox system installed in your home would be beneficial for you, contact us!